Georg Bartels

Universität Bremen
Am Fallturm 1, TAB
28359 Bremen
Tel: –49 -421 218 64013
Fax: –49 -421 218 64047
Office: TAB, 1.53
Mail: georg[dot]bartels(at)cs[dot]uni-bremen[dot]de

About me

I joined the Institute for Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bremen in September 2012 to pursue my PhD under the supervision of Michael Beetz. From February 2012 until then, I was a PhD student at Prof Beetz' Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group at TU Munich (TUM). In my research, I focus on combining knowledge representation and processing with robot motion control to build robot control programs that can reason about their motions.

I spent July-September 2013 as a summer intern with the Personal Robotics Lab at the Carnegie Mellon University. In Oktober and December 2012 I was a visiting scholar at the PMA division of KU Leuven.

Before starting my PhD, I studied Computer Engineering at TU Berlin (TUB), focussing on robotics and control engineering. I wrote my diploma thesis in TUB's Robotics and Biology Lab. From 2007 until 2009 I was a dual degree student studying Computer Engineering at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


Research Interests

  • robot motion control
  • knowledge representations of robot motion control algorithms
  • runtime parametrization of robot control programs using knowledge processing

Student Supervision

  • Jannik Buckelo: Master thesis (winter team 2017)
  • Azucena Mendoza Romero: Student project (summer term 2017)
  • Minerva Vargas: Master thesis (summer team 2017)
  • Karthikeyan Jaganathan: Student project (summer term 2017)
  • Simon Stelter: Master thesis (winter term 2016)
  • Adrian Röfer: Bachelor thesis (winter term 2016)
  • Cristian Iacob: ERAMUS intership (summer 2016)
  • Alexander Hoereth: Google Summer of Code (summer 2015)
  • Jannik Buchelo: Bachelor thesis (summer term 2015)
  • Simon Stelter: Bachelor thesis (summer term 2015)


Journal Articles and Book Chapters
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[2] Simon Stelter, Georg Bartels, Michael Beetz, "Multidimensional Time Series Shapelets Reliably Detect and Classify Contact Events in Force Measurements of Wiping Actions", In Robotics and Automation Letters, IEEE, 2017. Accepted for publication [bib]
Conference Papers
[3] Simon Stelter, Georg Bartels, Michael Beetz, "Multidimensional Time Series Shapelets Reliably Detect and Classify Contact Events in Force Measurements of Wiping Actions", In IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Vancouver, Canada, 2017. Finalist for the Best Cognitive Robotics Paper Award. [bib]
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Workshop Papers
[9] Georg Bartels, Daniel Beßler, Michael Beetz, Moritz Tenorth, Jan Winkler, "How to Use OpenEASE: An Online Knowledge Processing System for Robots and Robotics Researchers", In Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS), Istanbul, Turkey, 2015. [bib] [pdf]
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